Listen to Freddie Gibbs’ brand new EP!

Fresh off the back of an Australian tour, underground hip hop virtuoso Freddie Gibbs has just released a brand new three-track EP entitled Pronto. He’d previously dropped the lead single with the same name, and two tracks have just followed.

Gibbs has been dropping tunes at a pretty regular pace – last year’s Pinata, Madlib collaboration, was one of the year’s finest – and it looks like 2015 is going to be just as exciting. Pronto is a lot more, hmm, ‘normal’? But that doesn’t mean there’s anything less powerful (or genuine) about it. Instead of focusing on vinyl samples and soul infusions, we’ve got low beats and minimal electronic, topped off by vicious rhymes and the kind of spat-out flow that has cemented ‘Gangsta Gibbs’ as one of the best.

Listen to the whole EP here: