Listen to a snippet of a brand new Eminem track

What’s that? New Eminem? Sweet!

One of the highest selling rappers of all time, it seems that Marshall Mathers is gearing up to release a brand new song.

We haven’t heard much since the release of 2013’s Marshall Mathers LP II, so all in all it’s pretty exciting news.

Last year it was announced that Em was going to star in an upcoming film called Southpaw, but he sadly pulled out, and Jake Gyllenhaal was cast to replace him. However, he’s clearly still involved in the film at some level, having just premiered a sneak peek of a new track in the film’s new trailer.

Also 50 Cent is there. He plays Gyllenhaal’s manager.

When I say it’s a ‘snippet’, I really do mean that. You can only hear a few seconds of it, but it sounds big, aggressive and awesome.

Watch here: