Drake may face lawsuit over concert film

Drake may have a $15 million dollar legal battle coming his way soon.

In 2009, Drake performed a concert in his hometown, Toronto. This week, the feature-film surrounding that concert is to be released in cinemas across the US. The film will feature tones of unseen footage and interviews with Jas Prince.

However, it seems Drake isn’t happy about this film, claiming its an unauthorised release.

“The Drake Homecoming film is not something OVO or Drake have any part in,” he previously tweeted. “I feel it is my responsibility to inform and protect my fans.”

Yesterday he tweeted about it again saying, “James Prince and I stand together on not supporting the Drake Homecoming footage in theatres. #protectingthefans.”

But now the film’s producers are considering filing a $15 million lawsuit against Drake, claiming he broke his contract by distancing himself from the film. They believe Drake had consented to the filming of the 2009 Toronto concert, and was “paid $15,000 cash and promised a 15% profit royalty for his participation in the project.”

One of the films executive producers Mark Berry urged him to honour his commitment to the film. “Even if he does a show and the proceeds go to charity, doesn’t matter to us. Bottom line is, you signed a contract. You got to honor it,” he said.

According to Berry, Drake knew about the film since November last year and even approved a trailer for it. “I think he thought nothing was going to happen with the film.”

“I’m tired of the whining,” he adds. “This is a movie you did when you were a nobody. You got paid money for it. You have a royalty participation in it. It’s like, come on.”

Well like it or not, Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage is out on Thursday. Here’s the trailer.