Death Grips share video clip for “I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States”

For a band who have apparently broken up, rap-hardcore duo Death Grips seem to be releasing more material than they did when they were actually in existence.

I would go so far as to say that their break up, much like everything else they’ve done recently, is one big dick move of a publicity stunt.

It really does fucking suck to be a Death Grips fan. They apparently have no respect for their fans and it makes our lives very difficult. They leaked their album early (before that was cool.) They released an album with an erect penis on its cover, ruining any semblance of attempts to listen to them at work or generally in public. They cancelled almost an entire tour as a ‘stunt,’ and then announced that they were breaking up before releasing two full new albums. Now they’ve unveiled a full new set of tour dates, which we’ll all buy tickets to, which was obviously the plan – we’re all worried it’ll be the last ever chance to see them. Chances are that’s all bullshit and they’ll either cancel the tour again, or they’ll just keep releasing music because they haven’t actually broken up.

And the worst part is that their music is so good that we just lap it all up, like the sad suckers we are.


In other news, they’ve just unveiled the video clip for new single I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States. It’s the third video from their recently-completed double album The Powers That B/Jenny Death.  

From what we can gather, they have attached a camera to a drumstick and a microphone, and the clip is the resultant footage.


You can stream the entire album here: