Danny Brown gets drink thrown at him, storms off stage in Glasgow

Seriously, aren’t we passed this yet? Why the hell are people still throwing drinks at anyone, let alone someone performing?

Danny Brown is the latest artist to fall victim to this disgraceful display at a show in Glasgow, and rightfully stormed off mid set. In town for the Red Bull Music Academy Tour, it would have undoubtedly been a typically rowdy show for the rapper, however it only took one plastic bottle of water to cut things short. Throwing the mike down and leaving the stage, Brown refused to return even after the crowd continually chanted his name. Another prime example of some dickhead ruining it for everyone else, the show did not go on that evening. Danny has also reportedly sworn off ever returning to the city. Check the live footage below:

Of course, rowdy and aggressive music will bring out a rowdy and aggressive crowd, but isn’t there some sort of innate knowledge in all of us that it’s not okay to throw shit at people? I hope that guy pulls his head in, and stops ruining things for others due to plain stupidity.

Here’s hoping Danny Brown sees the greater good in the Glasgow people, and gives them a second chance one day. No one should miss out on a Danny Brown live show. NO ONE.