What’s the difference between Pete Doherty and Jesus?

What better way to celebrate Easter than with…a lifesize sculpture of the crucifixion of Pete Doherty?

That’s right, folks. London’s St. Marylebone Parish Church will have the sculpture of The Libertines’ frontman up on display from February 19th to March 17th as part of the Stations of the Cross exhibition.

Rev. Stephen Evans says the statue perfectly symbolises the true meaning of Easter, especially given Doherty’s recent release from rehab.

“Today, having successfully completed rehab treatment in Thailand, Doherty seeks to live a new life free of the things which had nearly destroyed him. I hope that ‘For Pete’s Sake’ might help visitors to the exhibition stop and reflect not only Christ’s Passion and Resurrection and what this means but also to stop and reflect on what in their own lives leads to death or to life.”

The sculpture, cleverly called ‘For Pete’s Sake’, was created by artist Nick Reynolds in 2008.

Luckily for us, Reynolds explained his actions:

“I saw Pete being crucified by the media and that provided the basis of my inspiration to make this piece.”

All in all, it’s for a good cause. The exhibition, curated by Ben Moore, is to raise money for the Missing Tom Fund. The money raise will go towards supporting the search to find Moore’s brother after his disappearance in 2003.

After the exhibition, the sculpture will go on sale for £33,000, or $65106.92 AUD.

Meanwhile the real Pete Doherty will be travelling to London to perform in two shows early next week. The Libertines, who have signed onto a new label, are planning to release a new album sometime this year.