Weekly Playlist!

Here’s the playlist for the week! Starting off with some heavy, hectic, amazing Brodinski, the rest of the playlist is mostly gorgeous female-led R&B, indie and electro (with a wild card in the middle.) We end the day on a double bill of ambient bliss from an upcoming Melbourne artist. Happy weekend!

  • Brodinski, Francois-Xavier ft. Young Scooter
    I love Brodinski. I love Bromance Records. I love the combination of heavy electronic production with hip hop. There’s very little else to say about this song other than how sick it is. It’s brash and huge, it’s nasty and absolutely catchy. His full album Brava comes out next month and you can expect a whooole lot more of this.
  • Francesca Belmonte, Lying On The Moon
    SWEET! Francesca Belmonte is a vocalist best known for being featured heavily on many of Tricky’s phenomenal, dark, sexy trip hop albums. Now she’s getting set to release her own album, produced by Tricky and released on his label. This track, like many of his, is sparse, deep, sensual and completely perfect.
  • OOFJ, I Forgive You
    Channeling a little FKA Twigs, a little Phantom of the Opera and a whole lot of eerie, cinematic synths and strings, this is one seriously intense, beautiful track. OOFJ are a husband and wife duo from LA who have a knack for creating lush, sweeping tunes. They’re releasing an album in April, so keep a keen eye out for it!
  • Twin Caverns, Gold Digger (Kanye West Rework)
    Sydney duo Twin Caverns have been on my radar for a while, and every time they release a new song, I know I’m gonna love it. As is the case here, with their sensual, smooth, slowed down version of the ‘Ye classic, that’ll actually be celebrating it’s ten year anniversary in a few months. A unique and beautiful cover, they’ve transformed it into something completely new.
  • The Pop Group, Mad Truth
    And now, for a small intermission from the sultry ambience of this playlist. I think my main challenge with listening to this song was that it isn’t actually from the 1970s. Wailing glam rock vocals and chants, messy guitars and an almost tropical, reggae type bass and beat, there’s a LOT going on within this track – the band’s first release in 35 years – and admittedly it took me a couple of listens, but I’ve totally fallen in love.
  • Kids at Midnight, Survival
    Kids at Midnight is the project of Melbourne artist Jane Elizabeth Hanley, and something tells me she’s one to watch this year. Opening on ambient organs and breathy, echoed vocals, I’m instantly drawn in to it’s otherworldly vibe. As the beat and rhythm builds, the track really comes alive and turns into something deep and really gorgeous.
  • Beau, One Wing
    Lazy guitars and a clean, vulnerable vocal melody kick off upcoming artist Beau’s One Wing, released by French label Kitsune. As soon as the rest of the layers kick in, it grows a lot bigger and a lot bluesier. The track continue waxing and waning with its huge instrumentation, all the while topped by those powerful yet completely intimate vocals.
  • The Grates, It Won’t Hurt Anymore
    I’ve never really given The Grates much attention if I’m being honest, but that’s all just changed with this incredbily new single. The kind of track that’s fairly simple yet incredibly strong, it’s husky, deep, and so cool. A slow, drawling melody leads the way, while the rhythm and chords are sparse yet demanding.
  • Planète, Helix
    Melbourne artist Planète has just released a two-track, 17 minute long atmospheric exploration through ambient escapism. I was really swept away the first time I heard nine-minute opener Helix, with its vast soundscape and lush chimes that quickly reminded me of Pantha Du Prince.
  • Planète, Två Fontäner
    …and the second part, eight minute Två Fontäner, is a little faster and rhythm-focused. A real slow burner, the contrast between the sparky flute sounds and a deep, bassy synth lead the way, until an eventual, blissful climax. It’s great that music like this is coming from Australia and I cannot wait to hear more.