The best new music this week!

Welcome to another edition of your weekly playlist. Unlike most of these, I’ve strayed away from electronica for more than half the songs. We’ve got ALL kinds of indie, in fact: rock, psych and even a touch of folk (gasp!) 

  • Eska, Heroes & Villains
    This song is brilliant. Led by a simple beat and a deep blues-reggae bass I cannot get over Eska’s incredible voice. I actually cannot even properly explain how good this is. I’m head over heels in love.
  • Junk, Over
    This track takes a little while to get into, what with the rainforest sound effects and ambient synths, but as it builds up, you’ll quickly fall in love with this strange and beautiful song from the UK producer.
  • Lanks, Hold Me Closer
    Lanks is back at it again, with a track as stronger and gorgeous as ever. Blending smooth beats with passionate vocals, he’s really becoming one of Australia’s finest. (Plus this track reminds me of Radiohead.)
  • Buoy, Took Me Up
    Mmmmmmm! This one’s deep and spooky and utterly mesmerising. Managing to be both space-age and still quite emotional, there’s just something really special about each and every part of this track.
  • Tully on Tully, All These Words
    I was introduced to this Melbourne five-piece last year, and they’re at it again with All These Words. Combining a perfectly laid back beat with a phenomenal, crisp melody, this is SUCH a strong indie tune.
  • Courts, Part Of
    Clean and punchy indie-rock with a bitta ska-infused hip hop for good measure. This is Courts and they hail from Essex, UK. Not the usual style of stuff we post here, but this was too fun to pass up.
  • The Tallest Man On Earth, Sagres
    One of the only folky artists that I dig, this is just a sweet, lovely tune that’ll put a smile on your face. Admittedly it’s lost the rawness I loved in the Swede’s earlier stuff, but I just really love this melody.
  • Darts, Westward Bound
    Newly signed to local label Rice is Nice, Darts are a Melbourne five-piece with a fresh, indie-punk sound. The track kind of combines Modest Mouse with The Pixies – it’s fast, fun and really exciting.
  • The Murlocs, Adolescence
    Melbourne’s The Murlocs just don’t stop getting more and more cool. I’ve probably played this washed out, spaghetti Western of a psych track 25 times this week, and it’s easy to see why. PS go see ’em on tour!
  • Florence + The Machine, What Kind Of Man? (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
    Finally, and a little different to the last couple, this is probably my favourite tune all week. Twelve minutes of Nicolas Jaar letting all sorts of deep beats and sexy psychedelic overdubs on F+TM’s latest single. Fuck. Yeah.