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PLAYLIST: Best new tracks of the week!

  • Sheep, Dog & Wolf, Egospect
    I’m so utterly intrigued by this song. It’s the kind of tainted folk music that I really love – gorgeous melodies and acoustic guitars, but surrounded by unique instrumentation, fairly deep beats, and a generally compelling composition that keeps you wanting more. A seriously impressive new single from the 19-year-old New Zealander.
  • Monogem, Silhouette
    I was recently introduced to Monogem and I”m so glad that I was. Deep bass and a crunchy synth complement the vocals perfectly. The melody is so catchy and bright, it’s the kind of song you could easily listen to a few times in a row. There’s a definite ’80s influence, but it manages to not be deemed a nostalgic track. I just love the overall vibe here, and I think you will too.
  • Genevieve, Human Again
    Genevieve’s recent song Colours was by far my favourite for that whole week, and this one comes pretty close. Like Monogem, there’s a beautiful combination of synths and husky vocals. I love the airy soundscape and the breathy melody here, especially the chorus. Huge and sweeping, those lush notes are nothing short of breathtaking.
  • Paces, Nothing’s Forever (ft. Kučka)
    Brisbane producer Paces has been popping up everywhere lately, really starting to craft a finely tunes sound and reputation. Featuring angel-voiced Kučka, this is bright and delicate, with a deeper beat than his last couple releases. The bass rounds out the helium high vocals really nicely, altogether creating a catchy, captivating musical atmosphere.
  • Medium Punch, Gone ft. Sibling
    This track has a really lovely laid back beat, made up of a series of gorgeous, interesting beats and synths. The soulful melody is powerful and rich, with a velvety smoothness that perfectly contrasts with the slightly glitchy instrumental layers.
  • Babaganouj, Can’t Stop
    Babaganouj are back, with a brand new single Can’t Stop. A feel-good indie tune with a bright melody, catchy guitars and huge distorted bridges, it’s the kind of track that’ll no doubt get crowds movin’ and swayin’. Catch them on their east coast tour in March!
  • Scholar, Daylight ft. Cypher
    This is a really interesting song – it starts off really bright, with those plinky-plonky synths and upbeat rhythms, but they soon give way to a sultry, husky melody and a buzzing synth. Shuffling percussive layers come in, followed by snaps, an ambient soundscape and more. There’s so much going on in this soulful track, but it just works.
  • Bobby Gray, Alchemy
    Sydney producer and DJ Bobby Gray has just dropped new single Alchemy, a breath of fresh air in the Aus electronic scene. It’s strange and funky, with a gorgeous melody atop semi-disjointed beats and rhythms – keep an ear out for the very cool percussive layers. A really interesting track, you can check out the wicked accompanying video clip here.
  • Collarbones, Emoticon
    Sydney duo Collarbones have been going strong for a couple years now, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest single is soulful and fun, with a shuffling percussive rhythm, ambient layers and an interesting melody. Showing yet another side of their diverse repertoire, catch the emotion-filled track on their tour, which starts today in Sydney.
  • Human Movement, Paradise
    We’re ending on something a little dark and heavy today. Upcoming Sydney techno duo Human Movement have dropped new single Paradise, and I can safely say it’s a refreshingly deep new addition to the Sydney electronic scene. With a crunchy, driving bass and a swift beat, the track keeps progressing from one dark place to another.