Nicolas Jaar just remixed Florence + The Machine

Not satisfied with simply scoring an entire soundtrack to an old Russian film, Nicolas Jaar is back with more new music today, having just dropped an incredible remix of Florence + the Machine’s new track What Kind of Man.

Oh, and it’s twelve minutes long.

The original track only came out a couple weeks ago, sending us all into a flurry of excitement over F+TM’s forthcoming album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, out on June 1.

The original track is soars and roars atop a huge riff, trumpets and a massive chorus. But Nicolas Jaar, being Nicolas Jaar, has injected his own deep house darkness and murky jungle beats. It’s warped almost beyond recognition, but it’s SO damn good. A definite highlight are the sections that use Welch’s vocals, having warbled and muffled them into something dazzling and psychedelic.

Here’s the remix:

And here’s the original: