News of the day!

  • Jack White’s contract, rider & guacamole recipe leaked in Oklahoma! (No, seriously)
    This is a real story, White has reportedly told Oklahoma University he’ll never be appearing there again, following their university paper publishing his concert contract and rider. Highlights include his $80 000 fee, receiving 100% of profits form CD & DVD merch, his TOTAL ban on bananas and his recipe for homemade guacamole. It sounds pretty delicious. I’m going to make it today. Here’s the article in question.
  • Elizabeth Rose is bringin’ her late night discotheque to a town near YOU
    Who does not love Elizabeth Rose? I know I do. I’ve personally enjoyed seeing her rise in the musical ranks over the past couple years, and it’s more exciting each day to watch her continue to flourish. If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane in late March/early April, you’ll get the chance to catch one of her late night discotheques. Expect an intimate club vibe, local and upcoming DJ talent (of her choice), and a midnight live set from the lady herself. It’s “a house party without neighbours,” a hub for dark house minimal tech, trip hop, UK garage and more. Grab tickets here.
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  • Tear Council is Matt Van Schie + Touch Sensitive, AND they have a new single.
    I love a good collaboration. Who doesn’t? Especially when it’s two absolute staples of the Sydney scene. Tear Council is a new project from Matt Van Schie (Van She/Du Tonc) and Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), described by Matt as an outlet for his “more emotional outpourings.” They’ve already released a wicked new single Anywhere, and I actually can’t get enough of it. A deep, heartfelt track, it lies under the radar, driven along by a temperate beat, beautiful vocals and a late-night bass. I highly recommend listening to this one right now. They’ve penned in a video clip in March and their first live shows in April, so it’s pretty safe to say that we’re gonna be hearing a LOT more from them throughout 2015.

  • Royal Blood cover Cold War Kids for Like a Version and…. it really let me down
    I love Royal Blood a lot. I saw them at Laneway and I can’t wait for them to tour again. They’re bringing heavy back to rock, and I can’t get enough.  In town this week, they stopped by Triple J to have a go at Like A Version, where they performed a rendition of Cold War KidsHang Me Up To Dry. It was a little strange hearing them take to an acoustic guitar, and to be honest, it just kinda sounded a lot like the original. I was kinda really hoping for them to do a heavy ass version of a light or bright tune. It was the same last year, when Karnivool got up to play a London Grammar tune – they could’ve prog’ed it the fuck up, turning the beautiful tune into a Karnivool track, but they didn’t. It might be selfish, but what with the plethora of phenomenal LAV’s we’ve been getting lately, it really does frustrate me when artists don’t try to do something a little unusual. Anyway, judge for yourself: