Mac DeMarco Cigarette Heaven

Mac’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightclub: 5 Things You Should Know

We caught Mac DeMarco‘s Laneway sideshow in Sydney last week. Needless to say, it was interesting, entertaining, and a hell of a lot of fun. Here’s five important things we learnt from the man himself:

  1. Mac DeMarco is Peter Pan. He is every young boy’s fantasy come to life, in a legionnaires hat and with a sick bloody guitar, the man takes your childhood, brings it to the present, then makes it much cooler with real life rock ‘n’ roll. If you would like to attend Mac’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightclub, do not grow up.
  1. The crowd(y) is rowdy. The mosh moves in screams for the talented bastard, sing-a-longs and puffs of smoke. To be fair, the rowdiness may have been encouraged by the man on stage chanting, ‘Tits out for the boys’ in a quasi-ocker accent (sorry Wendy).
  1. Just because the crowd is a little off balance does not mean the performance is. Mac catered to old and new fans with killer tracks from each of his three albums. Expect to hear opener, Salad Days as well as Cookin’ Up Something Good, Blue Boy, I’m A Man, the tune “for the next album”, and Ode To Viceroy as particular highlights. Each song, no matter how old, was so fresh and so well known to Mac’s guitar that he could play it blindfolded and with the boundless energy of nailing it for the first time. There was also the perfect amount of attention to his top-tier band (feat. new guitarist) who freakin’ nailed the 15 minute long, raging instrumentals while ol’ mate DeMarco crowdsurfed up to the top of the theatre and round to side of stage.
  1. MILFS allowed. One particular birthing machine, Agnes DeMarco, came on stage for a reggae jam and nailed it. Bring yo mama to the club, she gets it.
  1. Antics are a feature of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightclub. To truly experience the pepperoni playboy lifestyle, have a bottle of Jameson by your side. Also, come back for an encore shirtless beneath your overalls, bring 15 year olds on stage to wingman the shit out of them, crowd surf, dance like you’re in the cuckoo’s nest and just generally do frothworthy shit.

What you gonna do with that, Bon Iver?