Grammys mashups: Beck vs Beyonce, Beck vs Kanye

Well, the Grammys coverage was pretty saturated by that whole Beck vs Beyoncé (vs Kanye) kerfuffle, but hopefully these two mashups will put an end to it.

Firstly, introducing Single Loser, a mashup of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies and Beck’s Loser.

This is genuinely one of the best I’ve ever heard. Considering that it’s not only topical but actually really good, it’s unsurprising that in four days it’s already nearing 700,000 SoundCloud plays.

The biggest, most instantly recognisable single from each artist, it’s an unlikely combination: Beyonce’s bright, empowering melody atop Beck’s twangy guitar, funky beats and that chorus we all know so well.

According to SoundCloud, it’s officially composed by “Beckyoncé Knowles-Hansen,” but the mashup maestro is actually New Jersey’s BJ Warshaw.

I originally wrote that for Indie Shuffle

Jumping on the Grammys mashup train, Arcade Fire leadman Win butler has actually also released his own mashup under the name DJ Windows98, bringing together Loser and Kanye’s new one Jesus Walks. He’s called it Jesus Walks, Loser, and it’s also pretty awesome – another unexpectedly genius combo, it seems as though everything sounds better with those twangy Beck guitars. It actually reminds me of Eminem’s Desperation, off his most recent album Marshall Mathers LP 2. Knowing Kanye, he’ll hear this and call up Beck for a new collab!