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Eight of the best video clips you may have missed last week

Video clips galore! Some pretty amazing clips have been coming out recently, including this brilliant interactive one by Jack White. Here’s some more of the best local and international video clips to come out over the past week or so!

OOFJ, I Forgive You

Husband-and-wife duo OOFJ have been dazzling me with their unique and beautiful theatrical electronic tracks, and their latest, I Forgive You, is a sweeping, melodramatic masterpiece. Considering the pair met while working on a Lars Von Trier film together, it’s no surprise that their visual aesthetics are as impressive as their musical. Check out their latest clip here:

Samm Henshaw, Only Wanna Be With You

UK blues artist Samm Henshaw was easily one of my favourite new discoveries of last year. Only Wanna Be With You was probably one of my most played tracks of 2014, as this clip is simple and intimate, perfectly complementing the organic and emotional feel of the track.

Brodinski, US ft. Bloody Jay

Set to release his hip-hop infused album Brava in less than two weeks, French techno-legend Brodinski’s video for US ft. Bloody Jay is a tripped-out, psychedelic-induced romp through the frantic Shanghai lights and nightlife. Super high production quality and mesmerising direction have come together to create a visually stunning clip for this excellent track.

Glass Animals, Black Mambo

UK four-piece Glass Animals have a knack for sultry, understated electro-trip-hop tunes, and one of my favourites is Black Mambo. The mysterious video clip follows a man going through some kind of shamanic ritual involving snakes and snakeskin. Watch as he trips (real of hallucinatory, who knows?) through eerie forestland on a snake-filled journey.

Odesza, All We Need ft. Shy Girls

As you all know I’m a big Odesza fan (and had the pleasure of chatting with them while they visited Aus last month.) Their clip for All We Need is intimate and dark, adding snippets of a short story into the music throughout. It’s highly personal and somehow confronting – and while the track is honestly one of my least favourites on In Return, the clip is really beautiful.

Eleanor Dunlop, Rollin’ On

Sydney’s Eleanor Dunlop made waves last year with the husky, understated synth-pop-rock Rollin’ On, and she’s just released a strange, funny and highly enjoyable video clip. It’s actually really hard to describe the kind of miscellaneous super-8 and retro-shot scenarios throughout – so it’s really just worth a watch.

Rosie Lowe, Who’s That Girl

UK artist Rosie Lowe has really caught our attention lately, with her smooth vocals and sultry electro-pop. (We also discovered she has excellent taste in music in our Q&A). Her latest clip is simple, strange and beautiful, featuring her, alone in a bare space, gracefully moving about with a transparent sheet covering her body.

Laura Marling, False Hope

Ah, Laura Marling. One of the few folk-inclined artist that I still love. Her upcoming album Short Movie is set for a March 20 release date, and latest single False Hope has a video clip recorded live in the studio. Simple and raw, it’s the kind of song that doesn’t need to look toward huge production of a detailed story to really capture you.