Best new videos this week!

Here’s our five favourite videos to come out this week so far:

Twin Caverns, Drown
I’ve followed this Sydney duo since their first track, so I’m very excited to share their first ever video here too. As beautiful and eerie as the song itself, find yourself mesmerised by the hypnotic, sensual smokiness (literal and figurative) of their clip for Drown. Follow the story through a deep, green forest and you’ll really get into the track’s atmosphere.

Kucka, Divinity
Another song I fell in love with on first listen, Perth artist Kucka has just dropped the video for her new single Divinity. Like Twin Caverns, the video is as sensual and intimate as the single, it’s essentially Kucka in the shower, but it’s artistic and powerful beyond just being sexual – and you don’t see that too often.

Alt-J, Pusher
Wow, this was somehow unexpected. Soon in town for another series of shows, Alt-J have released a bleak video for Pusher. It’s gloomy and strange, featuring businessmen in dark suits standing around a single man yelling/preaching, breaking down and eventually snapping his own neck. One of their most intimate songs, the video is emotional and incredibly confronting.

The Prodigy, Wild Frontier
In town this week for Future Music Festival, The UK electronic stalwarts have released the third track – and video – off their upcoming album The Day Is My Enemy. The funny little clip features a series of animated characters, mostly dealing with hunting, roadkill, motorcycle accidents and one moose’s revenge. I’m not so sure about the song but I love this clip.

Public Service Broadcasting, Go
Ahead of their album release later this week, these space age artists have released another space-age video. Recordings from space flights intertwine with synths, and the video kind of does the same – black and white scenes of controllers and control rooms mashed up with clean shots of the band and their instruments. It’s simple and beautiful, with a lot of little visual delights throughout.