Best new tracks of the week: Playlist

Hellllo and welcome to your weekly playlist, featuring my ten favourite new songs of the week. You’ll notice a few things about this week’s list: For starters, it’s a week predominantly filled with mashups, remixes and covers. There’s also three tracks not on the actual Soundcloud playlist, sorry – but they’re so good that they’re worth it. We’ve mostly got female-led tracks (as is often the case,) with a bluesy rock single and a couple glitchy techy bits and pieces in there for good measure.


  • Snoh Aalegra, Emotional
    I was introduced to Snoh Aalegra last year, with her sublime R&B track Bad Things ft. Common. She’s back now with Emotional, a soulful number produced by none other than Wu-Tang Clan’s own Combining scratchy violin loops, bright trumpets and a chirpy beat, this is all kinds of awesome.
  • Tei Shi, Bassically (HONNE Remix)
    I was a little scared before listening to this remix because of how much I fucking adore the original track, but I’m happy to say that this mellowed, smooth and sultry remix totally does it justice. The atmosphere is really chilled, without sacrificing any of the passion or
  • Marian Hill, Wasted
    Things I like: big beats, unique female vocals, wicked indie-pop melodies. Once again Marian Hill has hit the right spot, with her new single It’s the kind of track that starts off simply, and grows into something playfully eerie and so captivating.
  • Justin Timberlake, Cry Me A River (CHVRCHES Cover)
    I’ve started really liking Chvrches lately, and I’ve obviously always been a JT fan. As you might expect, this is a powerful synth-led pop cover, with driving bass, gorgeous vocals and everything that you love about both artists. Listen to it right here.
  • Beckyonce (BJ Warshaw) Single Loser (Put a Beck On It) (Beyonce & Beck mashup)
    In the wake of the Grammys media frenzy, New Jersey producer BJ Warshaw has cashed in by creating a seriously cool mashup of Beyonce and Beck’s biggest tunes. While the combination seems unlikely, they actually work together ridiculously well!
  • Gengahr, She’s a Witch
    UK band Gengahr have just dropped new single She’s A Witch, a soft and bright indie-folk tune. With a breathy melody and a gentle rhythm, it’s catchy, fun and radio-ready. Keep an eye out for more from these guys throughout the year.
  • Generaldisarray, Demons
    Sydney’s Generaldisarray are back with a bang after a three year hiatus. Led by a raunchy melody, the stompy beat and sleazy guitars give off a punky, late night dive bar vibe. The six-and-a-half minute length is admittedly a challenge, but totally worth it.
  • Ludacris, Party Girls (Brodinski Remix)
    This week, three remixes of Ludacris’ Party Girls dropped: Lunice, Sinjin Hawke, and this one by Brodinski. The darkest and French-tech-iest of the three, it’s sexy and deep, and a little… ludicrous: an X-rated Barbie Girls sample? Haha. Give all three a listen, they’re pretty sweet.
  • The Police, Roxanne (Royal Blood Cover)
    I’m including this one because a) I LOVE this song, b) I LOVE Royal Blood, and c) I was supremely disappointed by their extremely boring Triple J Like A Version, and was even more upset after hearing how actually amazing they are at covers. Not on the playlist, check this shit out here.
  • Squarepusher, Rayc Fire 2
    Hooray, new Squarepusher! The UK artist has just announced a new album, and the first single is Rayc Fire 2, available here as a free download (no Soundcloud soz.) The album was inspired by both Miles Davis-style jazz and dance music, and the single is glitchy, intricate and technologically dazzling.

Here’s the playlist, minus Chvrches, Royal Blood and Squarepusher