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Ariana Grande Rips Off Safia In New Videoclip

In the name of exposing ‘creative’ hacks who steal other individuals ideas, today we discuss global torture sensation Ariana Grande. The American ‘singer’ (is that what they call it these days) released her new video clip for latest single One Last Time, which is all good and well, aside from the fact that it seems to have ripped off Aussie legends Safia, and their video clip for You Are The One.

Look, we’re not blaming her directly – if she was responsible for even one word that came out of her mouth let alone a video clip, we’d be a lot more impressed – but those on her team, be it her director, producers or whatever, have apparently walked into a pile of plagiarised shit.

Set the scene: doomsday – meteors rain down from the heavens and such begins the story of our beloved couple. The female exits the car and begins to run down the street, only to be chased by her boyfriend in a last ditch effort to express his love. Fireman, policeman and the general public sprawl across the street in a desperate panic, attempting to avoid the inevitable end of the world. How does it all end? A romantic kiss as the meteor engulfs the globe in a blinding white light.

This description could be used for either of the two clips, the issue is Safia released theirs over 4 months prior. I’ll admit there are two distinct differences between the two releases. Firstly, Ariana Grande’s is from a point-of-view perspective, and secondly, Safia’s music is infinitely better.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Late last year, a viral fight erupted between local legends Clubfeet and Britain’s worst export One Direction between the two videos Everything You Wanted and You & I. So please, Ariana Grande, tell your team that stealing isn’t cool. If they’re not going to attempt to write good music for you to sing, at least have the decency not to rip ideas from other artists.

See for yourself

Safia – You Are The One

Ariana Grande – One Last Time