Afroman Punches Female Fan

Singer Afroman just set marijuana legalisation back a decade.

In footage that’s now gone viral, Afroman was halfway through a live set when a female fan ventured on stage. Instead of let her innocently dance in his vicinity, or at least asking security to carefully remove her from the stage, the aging rapper decided to whirl around and deliver a punch to the head. He also made the bizarre decision to continue playing while the woman cried in pain. Police arrested him some time later.

No, it’s not subtle, it’s not something that could be mistaken for an accidental shove. Watch it here:

I know it’s annoying for artists, when punters get up stage midway through a set. It’s distracting and can affect your game. But that’s no excuse for punching someone squarely in the face.

One of many marijuana advocates who have long denied that the drug has any negative effects even after years of prolonged use, he even recently released a commemorative remix of his classic Because I Got High in support of marijuana legalisation.

But if Afroman denies that marijuana use is responsible for irreversible cognitive impairment, triggering anxiety and even schizophrenia (in the genetically vulnerable/predisposed) – then what explains his decision to brutally assault a female fan at a Mississippi set? Surely that’s an activity that can only be attributed to an absolutely warped, drug-addled mind.

Or maybe he’s just an idiot and an asshole.

He had this to say in response to the incident and his arrest:

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.26.00 am

He’s also publicly stated that he will be seeking anger management.

The incident already occupies one third of the bio on his Afroman’s Wikipedia page. It’s certainly one of most eventful things to happen to him in an otherwise lacklustre career. Afroman is a moron and brings a disturbing new meaning to ‘one-hit-wonder.’