Action Bronson drops a breezy new track, ‘Terry’

Everyone’s favourite ginger food-loving rapper Action Bronson is back, and he’s getting ready to release is major label debut album Mr Wonderful on March 24. I’ll admit it’s taken me a long time to get into him, but I’m now an avid fan of his verses, his comedy and his serious addiction to gourmet food.

We’ve so far heard a few tracks from his upcoming album: The Light In The Addict, Actin Crazy and Easy Rider.

The latest release is Terry, produced by The Alchemist. With cruisey backing loops and breezy guitar samples, the abrasive lyrics can’t help but feel subdued. He’s got a really unique stream of consciousness flow in that each word is spat out, yet it still sounds so slick and smooth. Great scratch work here, and I can’t help but love anything that includes a saxophone. Overall, it’s a really interesting track that seems to traipse between a few styles from a few decades, coming together to create something interesting, accessible and very cool.