Unreleased Beastie Boys and Nas music video hits the web

This is awesome.

After collaborating on the song Too Many Rappers on their final album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two in 2011, New York City rap immortals the Beastie Boys and Nas got together to fuck shit up in a grocery store, some NYC streets, the inside of a studio and eventually onstage and have Roman Coppola direct it. The results lay buried in a vault deep underneath a Kings County avenue (I like to believe) until, mysteriously and with little fanfare (specifically none), surfaced on a film editor’s personal website (???) which was later discovered by a member of a Beastie Boys message board.

It’s delightfully gleeful and follows that tried and true Beastie Boys method of ‘follow a camera around while rapping’. Even though all three of the Beasties look like your dad here and get absolutely ruined on the mic by Nas, they still stomp around with the same infectious energy and swagger as they did across their career and it’s just so endearing. The song itself may not have been anything amazing, but the video provides fans with just a little more to remember the Beastie Boys and the late MCA by. Just nifty.