Lesson Learnt: Until The Ribbon Breaks’ Debut Album is Genius!

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Now this is a band Great Britain can be proud of.

British trio Until the Ribbon Breaks released their debut album A Lesson Unlearnt last Friday. Ever since then, it’s been on repeat.

The opening track The Other Ones (Intro) is just over a minute of pure intensity. The perfectly simple melody emphasises the lyrics, which read almost like an apologetic letter to a lost lover from someone who was too afraid to let down their defences and trust them. Together, the elements of the song create a strong introduction to the album.

The opening guitar riff of A Taste of Silver certainly caught my attention straight away. The mix of beats create a danceable rhythm that takes you aggressively by the ears. The soulful edge of this song will have you on your knees, begging to hear it live. I totally understand why it was the first released single off the album.

A Taste of Silver leads on to the less harsh Romeo. The hook to this song has been stuck in my head for the past few days. The upbeat, electro-R&B sound seeps into your veins, bringing you down to a less intense place. The lyrical details help you feel the genuine honesty behind their meaning.

Revolution Indifference is another collaboration with Run The Jewels, after their first, Job Well Done. When I first heard it, this song didn’t jump out at me as really good. But then I listened to it properly. I realised this song speaks the words so many of us are thinking, having perfectly captured how we’re all feeling about the terrifying, violent events that we saw take place over the last year. It’s their creative way of addressing these issues, leaving the listener to interpret the underlying message.

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Final track Until the Ribbon Breaks mirrors the feel of the first song. While the strong vibes are the same, UTRB enjoys more layers, and greater depth. Frontman Pete Lawrie-Winfield has described this song as “a comma instead of a full stop.” Such a beautiful way to put it!

I could talk about all the songs if I could, but it’s better if you make your own judgement. Overall, the album gives off an incredible first impression. There’s so much going on, but not in a bad way.The mix of genres gives us a cool introduction to the band and their unique sound. Prepare to be blown away by electronic beats, deep lyrics and awesome arrangements.

Australian tour soon, boys?