Introducing: Clea

Brisbane’s Clea has been diligently plying her trade over the past few years, serenading café patrons and bar goers at intimate gigs throughout the city, as well as charming frequenters of the CBD at The City Sounds. Now, it’s time for this supremely talented performer to be heard.

Polyester is Clea’s first recorded offering. Or the first she’s content with, at least. No matter how frequently and adamantly friends insist upon the quality of her music, Clea is prone to the kind of critical self-assessment that bemuses some, but which will ultimately see her flourish. And she’s right; why dilute the concentrated splendour of her finest work with songs she is only 80% happy with? At the risk of sounding painfully clichéd, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Inspired by the deft lyricism of Grizzly Bear and the homely lilt of Laura Marling, Clea effortlessly balances dulcet and dark tones, adding pinches of her unique, stunning vibrato to great effect.