Future Music Festival’s Top 10 Bizarre Rider Requests

From buckets of raw broccoli to a small child to serve water (if you’re reading this, you know who you are), some rider requests can make you spit-take and double-take before you’ve even reached the end of the list.

Usually, it ends with a big X across the list and a note that says “chips and dips, bro” but when it comes to some of the requests Future Music Festival gets, well, I’m thinking that maybe a gold frame is more appropriate. And maybe a troll detector.

Here they are, in all their glory. Future Music Festival’s Top 10 Bizarre Rider Requests. Without naming names, of course. That would just be tactless.

  1. A particular duo has requested for a bisexual goldfish, of all things. We’re not exactly sure why, but maybe it just has more flare than a regular goldfish.
  2. Fortunately, even while touring, these guys still care about the environment. So much so that they have requested for two large trash cans, a recycling bin and reusable plates to use.
  3. A well-known American DJ had asked for a framed picture of himself to be placed in his dressing room. There’s no reason to not love yourself when you’re that famous.
  4. This DJ has always been one of the biggest trolls in the industry. Be careful, because his rider list includes the promoter’s girlfriend’s phone number, a replica of Indiana Jones’s whip and a piñata full of candy!
  5. This next one may be kind of cute. This DJ’s request for heart-shaped balloons seems pretty harmless but what’s next on the list? Waitress outfits!
  6. Some people travel with their pets but this artist likes to travel exotically by having a parrot that’s trained to say his name.
  7. We are all for riding in style and making a grand entrance. This world-famous DJ prefers his ride to be either a Bugatti Veyron or a Porsche Spyder. Classy indeed.
  8. Having all the furniture removed and replacing them with your own may be overdoing it, but what’s more comfortable than having your own stuff with you?
  9. One of the more elegant things to be requested is to have a professional violinist play while this artist eats his cheese plate.
  10. Lastly, an infamous moombahton and dancehall DJ requested for a bonfire pit in his dressing room to add more sizzle while on tour!

While I’d like to think that if I were an internationally renowned musician, I would be the type to demand environmentally friendly rubbish bins, I know that part of me would probably be tempted to make like Narcissus and have a framed portrait of myself backstage. Just for the lols though. Promise.