Flying Lotus’ new video is dark, eerie and very cool

Words by Vince Lee

Just a week after tweeting that he’s working on a film script, Flying Lotus has released his latest set of visuals for Coronus, The Terminator, one of the most compelling offerings from last year’s album You’re Dead! The cinematic narrative finds FlyLo playing the role of an ominous grim reaper, eerily following a dying man who eventually meets his demise. Coupled with the track’s haunting bass line and vocals, it is a highly mesmerising piece, coherent with the dark themes behind You’re Dead!

FlyLo also gave his thoughts on the visuals through a statement on Google+, saying: For me, Coronus is one of the most important moments on You’re Dead! and holds ideas I’m planning to explore in my future work. I’m happy that the visual encapsulates the meaning of the record and this ambition”

If the producer’s latest visuals are an indication of what to expect from the film he’s working on, safe to say it will be nothing short of amazing. Plus, it’s just making us even more excited about his upcoming Laneway appearances!