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Weekly Playlist!

Here it is, your weekly playlist! We’re starting off with a couple of really cool pop tracks, before going down into indie territory. We end up on a couple of electronic tracks, but everything it really smooth, really chilled and really soulful. The perfect start to a chilled weekend. Enjoy!

Genevieve, Colors
I’m opening with this one as it’s definitely my favourite track of the week. LA-based Genevieve is about to release her debut solo EP and this is one of her first singles. It’s big, it’s fun, it’s bright and it’s absolutely glorious – an addition to every summer playlist, no doubt. Indie pop at it’s finest.

Eleanor Dunlop, Rollin’ On
Sydney’s Eleanor Dunlop is definitely one to look out for in 2015. The track opens with roaring drums and a driving guitar riff, while the husky melody really hits all the right spots. A feel-good track if ever there was one, there’s something sweet, yet in-your-face about this track.

Twin Lakes, Wolf Hall
I’m only new to Twin Lakes, but I’m really enjoying the chilled vibes in this tune. The gorgeous vocals are gorgeous and so rich, while the melody is catchy and really enticing. I’m not so big on indie rock, but I really like this and I think you will too.

Seafret, Angel of Death and the Codeine Scene (Hozier cover)
I’ve spent a lot of time getting into Hozier this year, and I’m really enjoying this stripped back cover from Seafret. Recorded live, it’s an intimate, powerful performance showcasing some really beautiful vocal tones, backed by acoustic guitar and a small string section.

Cherokee Red, Far From It
This is a lazy blues/folk/country track. Usually if you said that to me, I’d fall asleep instantly, but not the case right here! There’s a lot more going on than what meets the eye – a lot of guitar layers, slides, twangy chords and more, topped off by an wonderful dulcet melody.

Jeremy Neale, The News
Ah, what’s not to love about Jeremy Neale? His new single is punchy and fun, with (obviously) excellent vocals and some wicked instrumental riffs. I really like the punchy beats, and the female backing vocals. This is a lot more than your average indie pop tune.

La Mar, Anchor (GRMM remix)
I love this remix. Delicate vocal loops create a delicate atmosphere, and it feels a lot more stripped back than the original. Slight tweaks and flickers shine through, until the beat drops down into a cool, syncopated vibe. There’s a LOT to like about this six-minute remix.

Orches & Caruso, Raise
I’m really loving the bass in the opening of this track, and the way it opens up with a swift yet distant beat. There’s something really quite emotional about the melody. The vocals have a gorgeous intimacy to it, really carrying the rhythm as it builds and grows.

The Kite String Tangle, Stone Cold (Hermitude remix)
I love TKST and I love Hermitude, so I was hoping I’d like this remix – and I really do. It’s seductive and driving, with a hollowed bass and great use of vocals, both as melody and samples. Hermitude have really outdone themselves on this one.

Montgomery, Pinata (Japanese Wallpaper remix)
I OH YOU signee Montgomery has been remixed by Gab Strum who, despite only being 17, has such a knack for mellow electronic tunes. There’s such a smooth, chilled vibe to this remix, the perfect complement to Montgomery’s angelic, almost childlike vocals.