Wax Witches ’27’ Gets Goofy in New Video Clip

Australian expat Alex Wall AKA Wax Witches has just released the accompanying video clip for his self-aware track, 27. With lyrics such as “I’m just 27 / Too young to go to heaven“, coupled with a relaxed drawl not unlike The Jesus and Mary Chain, Wall continues to tap into his niche by highlighting just how much he fucking gets this fragment of our generation (more on this later).

The video clip sees Wall fish out an anonymous note threatening “I’M GONNA GETCHA BUDDY!” We then see him hunt down this anonymous person with a rifle, commando crawling and climbing trees.The clip takes a twist at the end where his curiosity gets the better of him, and down he goes!

The clip is funny, and takes away from the song’s lyrics about wanting to die at 27. Wall continues to employ his “too cool” attitude as he has done in this current album, his previous Wax Witches album and BKC. When he signed with one of my favourite labels, Burger Records, I thought perhaps this would have marked a shift in his work. Alas, he still seems to not be able to let the reckless youth vibe go, yet he somehow tries to pretend like he’s not serious. It’s Blink-182 meets the crushing mentality of being “Tumblr famous” or some other bullshit concern only found in the youth of the Internet Age. It’s confusing, and whilst I enjoyed BKC, that was because I was 19. Everyone else has begun to grow up, or at least move forward in ways outside of music taste, yet with Wax Witches I only hear the sounds of someone really not sure of a lot of things.

Center of The Universe is out now on Burger Records.