Video footage of a hectic fight at Stereosonic Sydney

Stereosonic Festival, colloquially known as the annual watering hole for ‘roid-raging beefcakes in tiny shorts, has become the latest arena for testosterone-fuelled violence at last weekend’s Sydney leg. A video has surfaced of a fight taking place at Sydney Olympic Park. The video, which seems to involve about 20 people, surfaced early Thursday morning and has since gone viral.

In the clip, a sparsely populated mosh pit littered with debris soon becomes a game of ‘roid rush as a shirtless festival-goer lunges for another man. Chaos soon ensues and TNs, nipple grazing singlets and fluro board shorts go flying in a colourful blur as the fight escalates.

The heavy background music is punctuated by high-pitched screams of nearby females, as security guards desperately try to break up the seething mass of sweating bodies. Unfortunately it’s too late for some, and one partygoer is king hit, struck down and left seemingly unconscious, surrounded by a wreath of plastic cups and a ring of hungry spectators, some staring at the action, others shuffling to the spastic cadence of the music.

As quickly as it started, the fight dissipates, assailants and spectators melt away, apparently unfazed by the sudden outburst of violence they have just witnessed.

Watch the video: