Teen Idols

Touch Sensitive Drops New Track With Future Classic’s Compilation Album

Australia’s own True Blue groove maker Touch Sensitive has announced a new track Teen Idols, AND it will be featured on an album of the same name that showcases Future Classics 2014 release’s, in an amazing collection of banging tunes which have soundtracked the year. Also featuring the likes of; Flight Facilities, Basenji, Wave Racer, Seeake and a whole lot more the compilation is probably the funkiest collection of tunes we’ve seen for a while.

Speaking out about his new track, Touch Sensitive stated that his “cousin Michael Bartucciotto introduced me to lots of deep Doo Wop and I’m familiar with most of the Teen Idol stuff because my dad listens to it, so to me this track is about a little bit of the past in a current context. People have short attention spans these days and some pop hooks are only a couple of words (if that), so it’s a bit of a nod to that world you could say.”

We’ll be honest, it’s a lot different to his signature funky bass lines, but the “Doo Wop” sure is a welcome change, stream the new track below. The compilation album is now available for pre-order and honestly seems like the perfect soundtrack to summer.

Teen Idols Tracklist:
1. Touch Sensitive – Teen Idols
2. HWLS – 004 w/ Noah Breakfast
3. Basenji – Heirloom
4. Chet Faker – Gold
5. Seekae – Test & Recognise
6. George Maple – Talk Talk
7. Karma Kid – Bird of Prey
8. KOA – All Of My Love
9. Thrupence – Silk
10. 123Mrk – Gotta Choose feat. Martin Mey
11. Cashmere Cat – With Me
12. Wave Racer – Streamers
13. Hayden James – Something About You
14. Chrome Sparks – Goddess
15. Flight Facilities – Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)
16. Woolfy – City Lights

Teen Idols is available for pre-order now, and drops December 19 through Future Classic.