Slow Magic takes on Talos in beautiful new rework!

Mysterious mask-wearing Slow Magic has indeed cast another one of his spells on Irish producer Talos, on the latter’s track Tethered Bones. The rework is a significant departure from the original, yet still manages to capture the beauty Talos so effortlessly provided.

With crooning vocals not unlike James Blake, the emotional lyrics are contrasted against a stark background of handclaps and a stripped back melody. As the track builds, the heartbeat like synths of the original have been replaced with warmer synths and swirling backing vocals to create a dreamy soundscape. As everything whirls faster and faster, and it feels like the track is going to take off completely, it ends, demonstrating Slow Magic’s knack for knowing when enough is enough – even if the listener is dying for more.

Slow Magic has just wrapped up a European tour with our favourites, ODESZA who hold the producer in quite high esteem. After listening to this track, you can understand why! Here’s hoping he makes his way back to Australian shores in the very near future!