Pilerats Records brings you Rat Pack #2

After last year’s tremendously successful compilation, featuring the likes of ODESZATrippy TurtleEsta, and Ryan Hemsworth, the ultimate dudes in Perth are treating us to another round of finger-on-the-pulse, best of the best in local and international dance music! You guessed it! Western Australian lords Pilerats are bringing the second edition of their compilation RAT PACK, which is overflowing in homegrown underground talent.

This time ’round, they’ll be featuring the likes of FloriaLower Spectrum, home grown hero and Pilerats Records first signing SableLil JabbaUV Boi, and many many more! It’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD, as is last years, and will now most likely serve as a catalyst for these artists. It was only this year ODESZA truly broke through, and I don’t think it was a coincidence they were featured on RAT PACK #1!

Pilerats have quickly become a highly reputable name in Australia. From their zine, to extending to a full website, to now a record label, they’ve consistently had their finger on the pulse of not only what’s hot, but also what their readers want to see. Pilerats Records has become a force to be reckoned with, and already includes SableHAMJAM and Willow Beats! Time will only tell how much further these guys can take what they do and make it even more incredible, leaving the rest scratching their heads!