Mid-week Video Roundup

Here are some finnnnne new video clips for you to enjoy!

1. Ghostface Killah & Kandace Springs: Love Don’t Live Here No More
Member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan (who released a decent album this month, read our review here) has not only been spending his time rapping with Paralympic gold medallists, but releasing sick new tunes, and a video clip too! If you’re in Sydney, catch this man in action tomorrow night at the Metro alongside Pharoahe Monch and The Tongue! The video, from recent solo album 36 Seasons, features Michael K Williams, who you may recognise from Boardwalk Empire and The Wire.

2. St Vincent, Birth In Reverse
It took me a while to get on the St Vincent bandwagon, but I’m so glad I have. Her new video, like her and her music, is quirky, smart, fun and immensely good. The track is frantic and punchy, a total punk sentimentality shot through a hipster frame. The clip starts off simple and a little strange, progressively growing more intense, more fluid, more smoke filled and generally excellent. Did I mention she’s probably the best female guitarist around these days?

3. Seekae, The Stars Below
This clip freaks me out. I’m not sure why. I think it’s the weird angles, the beady eyes, the sweaty faces, the empty scenery and the unnerving serenity of it all. It’s interesting, considering that this is one of the more ‘normal’ tracks on the Sydney trio’s recent, excellent album The Worry (read our review here)I’ve been a big Seekae fan for ages and this has been a massive year for them (read our interview here to learn more) – hopefully 2015 will be even bigger. It finally seems like they’re starting to get the recognition they’ve deserved for a long time.

4. POND, Sitting Up On Our Crane
Perth’s psych heroes are at it again. The track is a washed up slow burner, a heavenly lo-fi dream of gentle beats and twangy guitars, slowly building up to a glorious peak with a syncopated rhythm and oh-so-catchy chorus. The video is weird, as you might expect. I’m probably not even going to describe it. It’s animated and trippy. If you stare at it for too long you’ll probably have an acid flashback. I love it – both the song and the clip.

5. Electric Mantis, Flips and Flops (Ego’s ‘Where The Wild Things Are AV Edit)
This one’s a little different as it’s not really a video clip per se, more an updated video edit of another tune. Ego has taken Electric Mantis’ neo-disco electro track, and added all sorts of strangeness from classic children’s story ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ Fun, trippy and completely wacky. The track itself manages to stay fairly low key – in between the huge beats and blaring brass synths, that is – with a catchy sampled melody and plinky plonky synth flickers topping it all off.

6. Maples, Stars
Upcoming artist Maples has just released the video for her hit single Stars. The track is ethereal and seemingly innocent, driving and emotional, while the video is made up of gorgeously lit close ups, stunning landscape shots and all kinds of wholesome, beautiful scenarios. A really fitting clip for the ethereal tune, it really just makes me want to head straight to the countryside and dance around a sun-drenched field with a horse by my side.

7. Rosie Lowe, How’d You Like It
Electronic artist Rosie Lowe (who shared some her favourite tracks with us recently!) has just released this incredible film clip for new single How’d You Like It. It’s simple but haunting, to a point where it’s almost frightening. Naked bodies joined by what seems like huge silky strings or spider webs, distorting themselves, stretching and pulling their way through an empty house. The perfect complement to a dark, delicate and wonderful new track.