Forest Falls publicity shot 2 low res

Forest Falls drops breathtaking new single

Emerging from Melbourne, six-piece Forest Falls have released their latest single Heavy Hearted Girl. Compounding folk and indie-pop elements, the group has created an elegantly sombre track, and an appropriately personal music video to accompany it. Almost hypnotising in its nature, it almost feels as though one is listening to the track through a wall – such is its muffled and muted nature.

Lifted from their recently released EP Julia, the track was originally written by the lead vocalist Jon O’Neill as a cathartic experience to help him grieve after losing a close friend to depression. Despite the group comprising six members, it is an overwhelmingly solitude sound – especially when accompanied by the music video. Depicting a young girl struggling with her own demons, the cinematography is eye opening.

However, after writing the song, Forest Falls hope that it can be used to encourage people to seek out help when they are feeling most vulnerable. Sensitive and delicate, it is a beautiful tribute to a lost friend.

Forest Falls have been touring around the major cities over the last month, and are already anticipating the release of their next EP in 2015.