Fat Freddy’s Drop release an epic new iTunes session!

It takes a good artist release a solid single. It takes better one to release a solid album. But when a band is consistently throwing out masterpiece after masterpiece, as well as reworking their old songs however they please, that’s when you know they’re seriously talented.

Fat Freddy’s Drop puts the heart and soul back into contemporary music.

The talented seven-piece band from Wellington combines guitar, synths, brass and vocals to create a hybrid of dub and reggae that is both modern and down to earth. Joe Dukie’s smooth vocals dip in and out of the songs like an instrument in their own right, giving life to the songs without defining them.

Their first album Hope for a Generation achieved immediate success in 2004, and since then the tunes they’ve been releasing have just become better and better. Fat Freddy’s latest iTunes session, released last Friday consists of some new and some old tracks, including a gorgeous reworking of This Room that melds in vocals and instrumental riffs from Wandering Eye.

If you haven’t heard already them you seriously need to check these guys out. They’re awesome.

You can purchase and listen to the sweet, sweet iTunes session right here.

Check out their website: