Donald Glover of the hit television show Community does a photoshoot for Spin Magazine in Venice, CA

Donald Glover To Star In New FX ‘Hip-Hop’ Comedy

American; actor, rapper, stand up comedian, artist, producer, writer and just general lord of life, Donald Glover has today continued his incredible résumé by making a return to television. He last year announced that he would be stepping away from the spotlight to focus on his rap career, however what we didn’t know is that this also included his own TV show.

It was announced back in August last year that Glover would be leaving Community in order to begin writing for American channel FX (Archer, Louie, American Horror Story), but now we have a solid idea about the show. In short, it seems like its a story about the life of Childish Gambino. Titled Atlanta, it is the story of a college dropout (Glover) who decides to pursue his dreams as the next Kanye, after his cousin’s recent success. Set (obviously) in Atlanta, the story will be set amongst the Atlantan hip-hop scene and is set to be produced by Paul Simms, from Flight of The Conchords.

For those unaware of how much of a funny man Glover truly is, then we’d suggest that you check out an hour of absolute hilarity below. Anyway, I’m off to watch Community and listen to Camp until Atlanta comes out, I’ll see you all after hibernation