Diddy slaps Drake straight into hospital

Well this was some beautifully hilarious news to wake up to.

Seems trouble was a-brewing in celebrity land last night, with two of everybody’s least favourite rappers engaging in what was probably a really embarrassing display of fisticuffs outside a Miami nightclub. Specifically: Diddy slapped Drake right in his face.

It looked like this and nobody is telling me otherwise.

Nobody is really sure what prompted Puff to go Sean Connery in a 60s Bond film and slap the taste out of Drizzy’s mouth so badly that he ended up in hospital, but speculation abounds that it was because Drake said something to his girlfriend.

I’m tossing up between “You can do better than that girl” or “You can talk to me about anything, you know that”

Others have claimed the fight started over Drake using music without the proper rights. Either way, this brawl was the equivalent of Toucan Sam fighting the Coco Pops monkey, and has given way to an explosion on Twitter. Perhaps the most unintentionally funny came from Rick Ross’ DJ Sam Sneak:


“Yall pray for Drake”

I’m looking forward to hearing from both of these cartoon rappers on the incident and have had such a great morning trying to imagine all the sad faces Drake has been making in hospital, all of them sporting a Diddy-sized handprint.