Good God Small Club pic 9

Cliques know how to put on a show

Walking into the dark, smoky back room of Sydney’s Goodgod Small club at 11pm you could have easily assumed that the evening would be a quiet one. There weren’t too many people. The beats were minimal, paired back. But you would be oh so wrong.

They kept it simple for the first hour or so, letting the intensity of each track rise slowly and then die back down. But as the set went on, the music transformed; growing faster, more intricate, and then absolutely mind-blowing. Devout fans moved to the front and the dance floor was suddenly heaving.

These guys really know how to play to a crowd, keeping the audience begging for more as those beats kept growing and building, before finally delivering those glorious drops. The night climaxed around 2:30 am, to massive cheers from the crowd, following a particularly amazing moment of musical mind-fuckery.

All in all Cliques have definitely proven themselves as musicians to watch out for. With a talent that should rank them alongside the likes of Peking Duk, Wave Racer and Cosmos Midnight, we can only hope to see a lot more of them this summer.