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Best new songs of the week – Playlist

Wassup people! Here’s your new weekly playlist, curated by your faithful editor. Got a pretty eclectic selection today. We start with the raunchy sounds of Boss Moxi, before fuzzing it up and washing it down with Crepes and Kagu. From there we travel into weird-electro-land, where my picks this week are all about the hidden layers, subtle delights and subdued power. Topping it all off is a couple wicked hip hop tracks to finish it off. Enjoy!

  • Boss Moxi, Nymphomaniac
    I can’t get enough of this Brisbane group right now. Their haunting tones lie somewhere in between Nick Cave and Kirin J Callinan, with an indie beat and eerie guitars leading the way.
  • Kagu, Shadow of the Wind
    A really gorgeous track from former-Snakadaktal man Sean Heathcliff. Sentimental and deliberate, the rhythm slowly builds and drops and changes behind the melody, really captivating you through each moment.
  • Crepes, Ain’t Horrible
    The Melbourne act have released a new single that lies somewhere between lo-fi fuzz and summery bliss. Delayed beats and understated vocals, there’s a lot more than meets the eye to this one.
  • EMRSN, About Love
    I can’t get enough of this sound! An absolutely gorgeous future soul track, EMRSN has found the absolute perfect balance between delicately glitch electronic beats, and velvety rich, sensual vocals.
  • Sizarr, Baggage Man
    The swinging rhythm, the melodic bass and the swift rhythm lead the way on this one, while the vocals are warm, husky and seductive. I don’t like the bridge that much, but the rest of the track more than makes up for it.
  • Spirit Faces, Cloudplay ft. Buoy
    This is an utterly strange, utterly beautiful tune. Angelic melodies and lullaby xylophones, grungey guitar crunches and a whole myriad intermittent synth layers makes for something wholly unique.
  • TOKiMONSTA + Iza, Pinching
    A heavenly lilt with perfect harmonies really lead the fairly simple synth and beat layers. There’s a lot of cute little additions throughout, and all in all it’s another track where you gotta look a little closer to find the magic!
  • Marian Hill, Lips
    This is a funky electro-pop track with cheeky vocals and a rhythm that starts simple, but slowly builds into something really catchy. I really like the thinness of Hill’s voice – it’s not often that you find something so fine, yet so strong.
  • Lil Herb & Earl Sweatshirt, Knucklehead
    I love rap collabs where they just trade gritty verses, and this is exactly that. The basic loops leave loads of room for those raspy raps. Both rappers have seriously wicked tongues and they flow so fluidly together.
  • Danny Brown & Action Bronson, Bad News
    This one’s off the EPIC upcoming GTA V soundtrack. It’s an interesting collaboration, but it works. They really feed off one another, surrounded by eerie loops, evil lyrics and clanky beats. It’s dark and demented, so obviously I like it.