Best New Songs of the Week – Playlist

Welcome back to Friday, everyone! This means two things: 1) the pub and 2) our weekly playlist! This week I’m jumping on board curation duties to hit you with some of the best new music I’ve heard this week. From the hypnotic saxophone infused worldy jams of Oisima, to the garage rock of The Gooch Palms, the alt 90’s rock stylings of Kagoule and the bliss hip hop of Jon and Midas.Gold – there is a lot going on here, so strap yourselves in.

  • Oisima ft Mei Saraswati, Sun of Truth

I fucking love Oisima. I caught him a couple of times this year and he astounds me with the precision of his drum pad beats and world music influences. This latest track came out in conjunction with him signing to CREATE/CONTROL, and he’s tipped to have an album out next year. If Sun Of Truth is anything to go by – with it’s meticulous layering of synths, beats, hypnotic vocals and some casual flutes and saxophones – Oisima is going to have a very big year ahead of him!

  • Hayden James, Something About You

This one dropped just today! Hayden James has been one to watch for a while now, after the success of his debut EP that included Permission To Love. This is an extension of the production chops he demonstrated with that EP; vocals driven, house beats, and bass so groovy you don’t really have a choice not to dance along! The breakdown is flawless, and as it builds back up slowly it’s clear this guy is a forerunner in Australia’s dance scene!

  • The Gooch Palms, Trackside Daze

The Gooch Palms are one of my favourite Australian bands, and this track is no exception. Trackside Daze is fuzzed out, sing-a-long prompting, thumping drums; garage pop at it’s finest.

  • Touch Sensitive, Teen Idols

A step away from his usual sound, Touch Sensitive is trying “Doo Wop” on for size, and it is definitely working! This track is so damn funky – what Touch Sensitive is all about – and shows a versatility we perhaps haven’t seen before from the bass playing Pizza Guy.

  • Total Giovanni, Can’t Control My Love

I’ve already proclaimed my love for Total Giovanni, but seriously, just have a listen to them! Talking Heads meets LCD Soundsystem meets Architecture in Helsinki: what could possibly be wrong with that?!

  • Shlohmo, Emerge From Smoke

King of the “future R&B” scene, Shlohmo is a man that needs no introduction. His latest release is an intricately layered slow burner that is brimming with suspense and anticipation. It’s dark, it’s mysterious, and it’s Shlohmo doing what he does best.

  • Sans Parents, Coming Back To You

They might seem like new comers, but Sans Parents have been around the traps for a while (two former Hungry Kids of Hungary members and an Andy Bull collaborator). This then explains their well developed sound. Coming Back To You packs more than a few punches, with it’s aggressive guitar licks juxtaposed with smooth vocal harmonies. Watch out for these guys.

  • Kagoule, Gush

UK rockers Kagoule have delivered a scorching track with Gush. Before the plethora of 90s comparisons flood in, just listen to that slide guitar and intriguing riff – this is a band that is so much more than just their influences.

  • Jackson and His Computerband, Pump (Brodinski Remix)

Part of the RedBull 20 Before 15 series, where 20 artists who have worked with the RB team are highlighted over the remaining 20 days of 2014, French producer Brodinski has gone above and beyond with this remix. Completely spinning Jackson and His Computerband‘s track Pump on it’s head, this is one of the most exciting remixes I’ve heard all year!

  • Jon ft. Midas.Gold, What I Hear

Brisbane rappers JON and Midas.Gold team up to continue championing a new movement of Australian hip hop. The raw lyricism, both artists’ seemingly effortless skill, the subtle beats carrying the track; What I Hear blows a breath of fresh air into the local and national hip hop game!