Oh no, the guy from Creed is broke and homeless

Remember Creed? That shitty Christian Nickelback?

Well, apparently life hasn’t been too kind to former frontman Scott Stapp, who overnight posted a 15-minute video to Facebook detailing how he’s broke, homeless and living in a Holiday Inn.

The singer runs through a series of unfortunate events, including the IRS freezing his bank accounts, finding out that his record company had not paid him royalties, lived in a truck and so on. He reckons that he was attacked after threatening his record company by going public with his allegations.

Unfortunately, Stapp may have forgotten that he wasn’t exactly popular before he lost his money.

Not only was Creed a musical abomination, but more importantly, what about the time he got arrested for public intoxication – the day after his wedding? Or that time he played such a shithouse show that his fans filed a class action suit and demanded refunds? What about that time he and Kid Rock filmed themselves receiving blow jobs from a gaggle of groupies? Or that time he got into a fight with a dude called P-Nut? Or that time that he thought committing suicide would help to make him more of a “Kurt Cobain martyr-type” and boost record sales? Oh oh, what about that time he was charged with domestic violence? Remember, for getting wasted and throwing a glass bottle at his wife’s head?

Nah, his life has definitely been ruined by the IRS and his record label. They fucked it all up for him. For sure. Fuck those guys, right?

Watch the full video.