Flight Facilities and Client Liaison gave Brisbane a real treat on November 15!

It was a banner night for Australian dance music. Two of this year’s most hyped acts joined forces to tear The Tivoli a new one on November 15, and caused the crowd to nearly dance the roof down. We headed along to one of the highly anticipated Flight Facilities shows, with Melbourne duo Client Liaison in tow, in Brisbane to see one of Australia’s most prominent electronic duos do what they do best.

This was the fourth time I had seen Client Liaison in action this year, yet still they managed to completely stun me with their incredible live show. Giving 110% from start to finish, the Melbourne duo, with added help from Harvey‘s brother Geordie and triple J‘s Lewi McKirdy, this could easily have been a Client Liaison show. The Tivoli was completely packed about three songs in, as they captivated audiences with their drum tracks, synths and Monte‘s stylish dance moves. Even a dropped mic couldn’t stop them, as they continued to cement their names as a force to be reckoned with for 2015. Feelings and Queen, personal favourites, sparked singalongs in the crowd as everyone belted out the words with passion that rivalled the artists themselves.

The air was thick with anticipation as the stage prepared for Flight Facilities to take over. There is something magical about The Tivoli when it’s packed out, the two levels dripping in suspense. As the lights dimmed, and their token flight call sound filled the room, cheers and screams greeted them. Intro lead into the nose-stud rattling bass of Two Bodies, with OWL EYES filling in for EMMA LOUISE‘s dreamy vocals. This song is without a doubt one of my favourite songs, possibly ever. It’s incredibly emotive, and seeing Owl Eyes truly own the stage with her dancing and crooning was a sight to behold.

The set continued with energy only seen at a Flight Facilities show. Interspersed with crowd favourites, Stand Still and Crave You were welcomed with open arms from the adoring crowd. Owl Eyes continued to take the female roles of ELIZABETH ROSEMIKEY GREEN and GISELLE and vocalist KURT KRISTEN took the lead male parts. Although there seemed to be something missing from Foreign Language and I Didn’t Believe, but what lacks here is made up for ten-fold in Sunshine.

The impossibly groovey track, followed by Love Is In The Air made for a near eurphoric end to the show. James Lydell and Huge Gruzman, although at times a bit too still behind the decks, are definitely kings of Australian Dance Music, and this show highlighted why. Their ability to move the crowd as they weave their way through disco, house, groove and everything in between is something truly admirable. They were just as captivating as they were in 2011, again in 2013 and now here. I, for one, can’t wait until the next show!

You can catch Flight Facilities at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in 2015:

31 Jan 2015 – Laneway Festival
RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane QLD

1 Feb 2015 – Laneway Festival
Sydney College of Arts, Sydney NSW

6 Feb 2015 – Laneway Festival
Harts Mill, Port Adelaide, Adelaide SA

7 Feb 2015 – Laneway Festival
Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne VIC

8 Feb 2015 – Laneway Festival
Esplanade Reserve And West End, Fremantle WA