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Best new tracks of the week: Playlist

It’s that time again! Here’s my favourite new tracks this week. Mostly down-tempo soulful electronic today. Enjoy :)

  • Milwaukee Banks x Andrei Eremin, Van Gogh
    Melbourne producer Eremin’s new work with MB isn’t as deep and soulful as some of his other work, but there’s something so slick and catchy about it. Gorgeous rap-ish vocals with a flippantly electronic soundscape, this is a sweet collaboration.
  • Cln, Satisfy ft. Lou Millar
    Another great collab to kick things off, cln has teamed up with Twin Caverns’ stunning vocalist Lou Millar for Satisfy, a husky blend of electro-beats with a trip hop vibe and a whole range of gorgeous, genuinely interesting layers and rhythms.
  • Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Dance The Way I Feel (Paces Remix)
    I’m SO digging Paces right now, and his blissful remix of Dance The Way I Feel is fucking excellent. It’s bright and plinky-plonky, contrasted perfectly with a heavy-ass bass and a heaving beat. It’s big, it’s fun, it’s bloody glorious. Love it.
  • Willow Beats, Chess
    Another beautiful single from the uncle-niece duo, Chess combines a catchy beat with ethereal vocals and lush melodies, subtle synths and a couple big drops too. One of my top picks from their EP Water, strong on so many levels.
  • Lanks, Beach Houses
    Mmmmmmm mmmmmm! This might be my favourite one this week. This dreamy blend of summer-vibes and hypnotic melodies, flute trills and a a whole lot of beautiful instrumental layers. What a smooth tune. I want so much more Lanks.
  • Grace, Pluto (Basecamp remix)
    Basecamp has done a fine job on remixing this new track, contrasting a deep, dark bass with those eerily husky, oddly toned vocals. It’s haunting and captivating from start to end. There’s a lot of variety with the beat and rhythm, overall, I dig.
  • Torfason, Feel Like Letting Go
    Ooooh, this is a funky one. A great mix of electronic and instruments, I particularly love the bass work here. This track is hard to pin down, but it sure is interesting. A cool debut from the Brisbane group, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.
  • KUČKA, Divinity
    This is an intriguing, hypnotic new single from the mysterious Perth artist. While the track doesn’t change or move a huge amount, there’s so much going on throughout this understated track that I can’t help but feel mesmerised.
  • Tobtok, Free ft. Hoodlem
    I’ve been a little bit in love with Hoodlem for a while now, so any time I hear something new, I love it. This is a shiny electro- soul track with a solid beat and catchy hooks, topped by Hoodlem’s gorgeous vox. This track simply oozes cool.
  • The Occupants, Hindsight
    Aaaaand now for something completely different. Ending a down-tempo playlist full of subtle electro beats with sensual female vocals with what I can only describe as indie-prog-rock might seem weird, but I was so taken by this track from The Occupants, featuring former members of none other than Cog! Not gonna write more about it, just give it a listen :)