Best new tracks of the week – Playlist

Here we go again! A weekly playlist of the best new songs I’ve heard all week. We start off today with a couple of headier rock tracks before toning it down into some serious smooth electro-soul. We’ll hang there for a while before ending on a serious bang.

  • Art of Sleeping, Crazy
    One of the best bluesy rock tracks I’ve heard in ages, this Brisbane five-piece know exactly how to get you going. Gorgeous vocals, incredible riffs, billowing builds. You don’t get better than this.
  • Bernaccia, Darkness Walks
    Opening with feedback and growly guitars, this is one for the doom-y grunge lovers out there. Catchy riffs and a great voice. What it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in the satisfying crunch of distortion.
  • North Arm, Sometimes New
    Let’s tone it down a tad. Sydney’s North Arm have a new single out, and it’s a jingly, fuzzed out semi-psychedelic beauty. The melody is simple yet enchanting, with the guitar and vocals dancing around each other throughout.
  • Samm Henshaw, Only Wanna Be With You
    Samm Henshaw has a really wonderful voice and this song, simple as it may be, is one of those songs that just make me really happy. Catchy, clap-along and fantastically soulful. Not electro-soul, not future-soul, just good ol’ fashioned soul.
  • Snoh Aalegra, Bad Things (ft. Common)
    Another favourite discovery of mine. Snoh’s beautiful voice really stands out among other upcoming soul/R&B singers – it’s rich but crisp, demanding yet dulcet. Plus a bonus riff from Common. So. Good.
  • Alta, Hold Your Fire
    Subtle and seductive, this track by the Melbourne duo has me drawing instant Little Dragon comparisons. A gorgeous flow and a huge range of musical layers, there’s so much going on behind the melody.
  • Raye, Bet U Wish
    17-year-old Raye’s new single has an intriguing electronic basis, topped off with a great pop/R&B melody. It really kicks off in the chorus – big beats, big vocals, interesting samples and catchy as hell.
  • Adria, Pull Me Under
    Ohhh, that syncopation. This is one sexy track. Follows on from the Raye track, only brimming with sensuality. I love how intricate the percussion rhythms here, and the contrast between the driving bass and those occasional piano notes.
  • Natalie McCool, Wind Blows Harder (THUMPERS rework)
    We go further once again – heavy beats, choir-sounding vocals, flittering beats lead the way to a passionate melody. Some brilliant synth action at play here. It’s basically a combination of psychedelic haze with biiig trappy beats.
  • Slumberjack, Horus
    You’ve probably heard Horus by now, considering it’s already topped Hype Machine. The Perth duo go all out with the new single. That rhythm, man. Reminds me of Tipper. I just want to play this one over and over and over again!

That’s it for this week! Here’s ya playlist: