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Best new tracks of the week: Playlist

Here it is folks, my weekly round-up the best new tunes. Click below for an awesome playlist for your weekend! Lots of garagey guitar stuff this week, with a little soul, a little  electronic, and one epic funk track for good measure!

  • Pearls, Big Shot
    Big beats and bluesy chords open this understated track. The light, punchy male & female vocals lie somewhere in between The Dandy Warhols and Arcade Fire. A deceptive slow burner, it’s subtle, simple, but so catchy and so damn smooth. An impressive new track for Remote Control’s new signees.
  • Sunbeam Sound Machine, Wandering, I
    I love the sun-drenched shoegaze sentimentality of this track. Another crooner with rich guitars and jangly effects, this is a summer soundtrack waiting to happen. The chorus is so hypnotic with its mantra-like vocals. A beat track from the Melbourne man.
  • Moses Gunn Collective, Mary
    Moses Gunn Collective’s new one 
    Mary is one demanding, catchy as hell psych-blues track. Thisis the stuff that the ’70s was made of, but there isn’t an ounce of irony or nostalgia throughout. It’s punchy, it’s funky, I love it. So keen for more from the Brisbane band.
  • Hamilton, You’ve Got Me Wrong
    Some people might think this is a kinda strange entry, but I really digit. It sounds like the kind of music played during some sort of demented circus act. Lovely lyrics and a gorgeous voice lead the way, with some quirky brass leading the backing music. The heavier chorus packs a punch, darkening up the carnival feel. Weird, and great.
  • Born Joy Dead ‘Hey Blood’
    My first reaction was, WOAH. This is great. The first few moments remind me of Monster by Kanye, but as the track progresses, it grows into something so special. It swings, it rocks, it rolls. I love the wailing guitars and the syncopated rhythm SO much. The new project of former Hungry Kids of Hungary bassist Ben Dalton, I am excited about Born Joy Dead.
  • Total Giovanni, Human Animal
    I wasn’t sure about this one at first but it really grew on me. A great blend of crunchy guitars and super spacey bleeps and bloops, this is cool. I particularly dig the FUNKY bass washed-over guitars (which remind me of Pink Floyd’s Learning To Fly), topped with distinctly Beck-esque vocals, this is probably what Talking Heads would sound like if they released something today.
  • Mont Oliver, White Sheets
    I wrote about Mont Oliver last week too, but they’ve just released another new one ‘White Sheets’, and I love it, so i’m writing about it here as well. This one’s packed with hip hop elements, from the lagging beat, the gangsta-style string backing riffs and the tampered vocal licks. It all opens up into a soulful space, with sensual rhythms and a serious groove. Fuck yeah.
  • Late Night Hysterics, Limerick
    Another slow-burner for today, I love the beautiful organ-style ambient opening. The vocals are light, nearly nasal but not, and packed with emotion and intimacy. The track picks up halfway through, gaining momentum with a swift rhythm and big chords, with a full synth build later on. A really interesting tune from the West Australian indie band.
  • Cosmo’s Midnight, Snare (ft. Wild Eyed Boy)
    Cosmo’s Midnight are back, and they’ve got a gorgeous new track for you. Gentle and catchy, Snare is the thing of balmy sunsets and summer escapes. An intricate soundscape with gorgeous electronic and melodic layers, this gets me so excited for the forthcoming EP.
  • Chiefs & Nick Acquroff, Inside Out
    Oh man, this is so smooth from the first moments. The vocals are rich, harmonised and demand your full attention. Combine that with the driving synth and the strong beat, the rhythm builds up and drops into a space that I don’t want to leave. I just want to listen to this track over and over again. I LOVE electronic with soul/R&B aspects, and this is exactly that.
  • Mark Ronson, Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars
    You’ve probably heard this song by now. Our first glimpse into Mark Ronson’s star-studded new album, set to drop in January, this track is a MOTHER of a funk track. I don’t usually like Bruno Mars, but he exudes Michael Jackson in all the right ways on this one. Those brass sections? So good!
  • Bernaccia, Manifest (ft. Ellen Chetcuti)
    Ominous whistles and brooding guitars lead this track, before seductive swing vocals lead the melody. I love how this track glides way under the radar, maintaining a mysterious feel throughout. Chetcuti’s unsweetened, husky vocals are the perfect complement to the main melody. Deep drums and a great fuzzed-up backing section, I’m digging this track from the Newcastle (UK) four-piece.