What do Carmada listen to?

Carmada is Yahtzel and LDRU, two producers who have come together a few times to play sets together. It’s clear that they began making waves as a duo, so they decided to officially join forces as Carmada. They recently released their first single ‘Maybe,’ and it is a pretty damn serious banger. So serious in fact, that it caught the attention of none other than Skrillex, who has signed them to his own label OWLSA.

While I managed to catch the pair in action at Listen Out Festival (it was Yahtzel’s set, LDRU surprised eerrrrrbody with a guest appearance), they’ll be making their first official live appearance at the mammoth Stereosonic festival next month alongside Disclosure, What So Not, RL Grime and more). Their debut EP ‘Realise’ is set to drop pretty soon too.

Pretty incredible for a couple dudes who have barely been together for two months. They’ve just released their own video, which you can catch below.

We wanted to get to know them a little better, so we asked them what some of their favourite songs were. Click on ze links to catch the awesome video clips of each!

1.      My favourite track to wake up to is… Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why
2.      The best track for cooking is… Fred Wesley – Funk For Your Ass
3.      The best track for spring cleaning is… Blink 182 – Mutt
4.      The ultimate road trip track is….   Michael Jackson – Thriller
5.      My favourite love song is… Atluk – Woody
6.      The best track for sweet love makin’ is… Marvin Gaye……. Lets Get It On
7.      The track that always gets the party started is… Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise (oooooh yeah)
8.      The best track to wind down a crowd is… Julio Bashmore – ANY SONG
9.      My favourite drunken karaoke track is… Afroman Colt 45
10.   My favourite song to sing in the shower is…  Destroyer – Kaputt
11.   A song that always makes me cry is… Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
12.   I love going to sleep listening to….. Norah Jones – Back To Manhattan
13.   I can’t stop dancing when I hear…. Outkast – Hey Ya