Vaults’ latest track ‘Vultures’ is beyond gorgeous

London trio Vaults have only been around for a little over a year, but they sure hit the ground running: their first three singles have rounded up a collective 1.5 million SoundCloud plays, they’ve gathered a strong online support, and they’ve recently opened for London Grammar.

“Vultures” is their newest song, and lead single from their forthcoming EP. A smooth, vulnerable, and completely soul-bearing track with hints of trip-hop adding a powerful groove, it only takes a few moments to realize that there’s something quite special about Vaults.

The track opens with a gorgeous extended piano solo, instantly plunging you into an emotional depth. Beat and voice soon complete the atmosphere; each note breathless and velvety smooth, carried along by simple syncopated rhythms and the instrumental mid-section.

A passionate track that’s sure to ring out at their live shows, this shows so much promise for Vaults’ 5-track EP Vultures, released on December 1.

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