Stoney Roads Records is now a thing. Listen to their first release.

Aussie electronic music website Stoney Roads have taken the plunge and started their very own shiny new record label. It’s a daring move, sure, but it only takes one listen to their debut release – ‘Shifted Thoughts’ by German producer Mazde and featuring young Aussie duo La Mar, to know that they’re already becoming a force to be reckoned with.

There’s an eerie depth to the opening synths, while a muffled bass, high-tailed synth plucks and a syncopated groove fill out the atmosphere. The vocals are velvety smooth, a gorgeously soulful addition to the synth-scape. The track continues to wax and wane, while the synth spindles out into what’s kind of the equivalent of a guitar solo towards the end.

I think what I really like about this track is that sonically, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but that it’s just done so damn well. It really manages to stand out, and showcases a lot of raw talent from the 20-year-old producer.

‘Shifted Thoughts’ is part of a two-track EP of the same name, out now through Stoney Roads Records. You can download it here.

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