Spirit Faces’ debut single ‘Hold it Down (ft. Zebra Zap)’ is something else.

Spirit Faces is a brand spanking new act out of Sydney, and Hold It Down ft. Zebra Zap is his debut single. The man behind the music is multi-instrumentalist/producer Pete Covington, who recorded and mixed the track himself.

Hold it Down is temperate and emotional – every chord, every vocal waver, every melodic turn is deliberate and heartfelt. There’s no room to hide, considering there’s little more than voice and piano, and there’s a real vulnerability that shines through. There are these strange little auto-tuney moments throughout that bring out the Kanye-West-slow-jam vibe, which, by association, adds a really cool vibe to this tune.

Man, this track is melancholy. Every one of my heart-strings has been tugged at by a raggedy little child left out in the cold on a snowy night, sitting on some cobblestones with a tiny, hungry, droopy-eyed puppy.

This is gorgeous, and so goddamn devastating.


This is the first track of Spirit Faces’ upcoming debut EP Bedroom Music, set for release late 2014/early 2015.

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