Espa’s ‘Your Ghost’ evokes ’90s R&B nostalgia with a modern twist…

What’s that? You want a slow jam for the weekend?

Espa’s new track “Your Ghost” is gorgeous. There’s something really special about this — it evokes some serious ’90s R&B nostalgia, but with a contemporary twist.

There’s a breathless melody bathed in pop sentimentality, on top of a deep electronic/R&B groove. This is equal parts comforting guilty pleasure (think “Waterfalls” and “One in a Million”) and absolutely on-trend (think Banks, SZA).

The track starts slowly, with a sparse beat and dark vocals. Tiny loops and beats begin to grow, as the melody builds, and we get a real feel for it. Espa’s rich, airy voice twirls around the low beats and sensual bass line throughout, while the soundscape is filled with catchy rhythms and synth nuances. The verses are sparse, giving you space to focus on the melody. The emotional choruses are where things really flourish, blooming into something that really pulls at those heart strings.

I want more.

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