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Soak Up Donny Benet’s Remix of Mikhael Paskalev’s “Witness”

Mikhael Paskalev returned late last year with the dreamy new tune Witness, and today, we’re bringing you a brand new remix courtesy of Donny Benet.

The Norwegian artist will be dropping his second album later this year, with Witness being our first taste of what’s to come.

The original track (and its dramatic video) was a glitzy romp through multi-layered synths, chugging rhythms, and Paskalev’s radiant, intoxicating melody. On the track , he explained that Witness is “pretty much about finding that release from whatever hurt or self-doubt you’ve been holding. That calming that comes from losing yourself in the moment. When it was time to make the music video, I really wanted to make something that felt sincere, but daring.”

Benet’s remix steps it up a notch or three, stuffing the track with new sounds and rhythms, a great contrast against the original, which thrived in its relative sparsity. A heady bass begins to bubble and bulge beneath the surface, pushing the atmosphere forward with racy suspense. Meanwhile, strings and other bright layers creep in and fill every pocket of space until the full rhythm kicks in, eventually culminating at a joyous, wild peak. All in all it’s a really cool new take on the song – I daresay I may even prefer it to the original.

Image: Supplied