Flume Shares European Tour Video

We’ve all heard artists complaining of exhausting touring schedules and the draining weeks of international shows. Not so much for Flume, by the looks of things. Following appearances throughout Europe and major festivals over the last few months, the Aussie producer has uploaded a video clip of his recent adventures. And if he’s stressed by the experience, we can’t see any evidence of it.

This year saw huge acclaim for Flume following his latest LP release, Skin, and his recent shows have been some of his biggest stage productions. The clip shows the young producer working calmly on lighting shows and sound checks, psyching himself up for the massive audiences he now commands. Gearing up with what looks like a cup of tea, you can also check out his decent skills at foosball and table tennis.

There may not be too much direction of dialogue in this one, but it’s an interesting insight into tour life for a rising star. It seems that Flume is still firmly two feet on the ground, wandering around festivals in the rain and commenting on the relaxed nature of festivals in Europe. Clearly envious of the campfires, which is understandable for the Northern Beaches resident in the middle of a European “summer”.

For those catching Flume at Splendour in the Grass this weekend, get excited, it looks like you’re in for one hell of a show:

Image: Music Feeds